" Carl is the man when it comes to crypto. He gives so much value you can literally make a fortune heeding his advice. He makes technical analysis seem so simple and has developed a technique that continues to prove itself in the market. Along with this service he updates with news articles and alerts. It's like having a hedge fund manager on call and he does it all with such kindness. Thank you Carl "




The programs are per hour basis; strictly by calendar appointment, can be presented in two languages English or French, typically over a Discord phone call or through a web meeting. In special circumstances "in-person" sessions may be available upon request but will incur extra charges.

By the end of the program, you will be able to use all the knowledge, charting and technics you've learned to be a fully independent trader!








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Our special Cryptocurrency Mentorship & Coaching (BGMC) Trading Program (created by Carl) is available on a 1-on-1 hourly basis, scheduled by appointment or through weekend sessions. 1-on-1 means that these sessions are entirely dedicated to you and tailored to your needs instead of a group of individuals in a webinar.

This specialized trading program from a professional cryptocurrency trader such as Carl whose well-known for his Trading Analysis (TA) expertise and accurate calls is critical to the overall success of new or intermediate cryptocurrency traders.


  1. BGMC-101: Introduction to Bitcoin (1 hour ~)
    History of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
    Where to buy and sell Bitcoin (Exchanges, Local Bitcoin, Mobile Wallets)
    ​Where to get reliable market data and charts
    How Bitcoin works: "The Blockchain"
    ​Advantages of Bitcoin
    ​Questions and Answers

  2. BGMC-102: Overview of the Main Trading Indicators & Patterns (2 hour ~)

    The Trading Indicators (Bitcoin Guru's secret combination)

    The Trading Patterns:
    Support and Resistance
    ​Ascending Triangle
    Descending Triangle
    Inverted Head & Shoulders (IH&S)
    Head & Shoulders (H&S)
    Parallel Channels or Pitchforks
    ​Fibonacci Retracement
    ​Falling Wedge
    ​Rising Wedge

    Questions and Answers

  3. BGMC-103: Overview of the Bitcoin Cycles, Fractals & the Megabull (1 hour ~)
    ​The 235 Day Cycle
    Bitcoin Fractals
    ​The Megabull and the Halving (Supply Shock)
    Bitcoin Guru Cycles (derived from Fibonacci & Time at Mode)
    Questions and Answers

  4. BGMC-104: Creating your own Trading Analysis and Plan (2 hours ~)
    Finding the support and resistance levels
    Pinpointing the patterns​
    ​Using the indicators on different timeframes
    Considering the short term and long term picture
    ​Risk Reward and Trading the Big Moves vs Day Trading
    By the end of that lesson you will be confident enough to develop your own trading plan
    Questions and Answers

  5. BGMC-105: Making your First Bitcoin Trade (2 hours ~)

    What’s your trading style?

    Intraday, EOD, News, Big Moves / Swing, Trend / Position – Long-term holders, Technical Analysis, Scalper.

    ​When to trade and not to trade?
    Performing Trading Analysis (TA) is simple, but making your first trade can be very stressful
    We will coach and shadow you to build your trading instinct and confidence
    Take your first Bitcoin Trade live with us by your side
    ​How to setup a proper stop loss and set audible alarms
    Questions and Answers​

    ​EXTRA COURSES: (not included / on demand)

  6. BGMC-106: Introduction to TradingView (TBD ~)
    ​Overview of the Tools (drawing tools, patterns)
    ​Scaling your Charts (x-y axis, log vs linear scaling etc.)
    ​Overview of the Indicators and Scripts

  7. BGMC-107: Extra Coaching & Mentoring Hours (TBD ~)
    We can cover or review anything you request